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Tired of asking customers to leave reviews but never get them? Fed up with negative reviews that damage your business?  Looking to increase your revenue?

Find out how your business can benefit in 15-minutes.

Our Patented Funnel Process

Simply add your customer's name and email address  or cell phone number and the system does the rest.

Customers are asked if they would recommend your business via text message or email.

Satisfied customers are prompted to leave online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Unhappy customers can vent their frustrations  internally and you'll be notified right away.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Trent DrakeOnline Marketer

Outstanding product! As a web developer I was very skeptical at first; I’ve since been nothing but impressed at how many positive reviews my clients are receiving. We had no idea how much genuine positive feedback was out there that we hadn’t been tapping into.

We've been struggling for years to get online reviews and recently found that reputation marketing has become a must to be successful in any business. I was looking for a reputable company when a friend recommended the services of Reputect and I’m so happy I took her advice.

Jeanie MorganDentist
Todd SimsAuto Dealer

Thanks for making this a speedy process, it's a pleasure using your service within our dealership. We've increased our online star rating in a short time after using your system , gaining the trust of new customers which has resulted in higher car sales. Keep up the good work guys, enjoy your new office and congratulations for all your accomplishments!

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Discover how to get reviews fast, stop negative reviews in their tracks, increase your search visibility and

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