4 Reasons Online Reputation Management is Essential for Realtors

The Importance of Online Reputation Management for Realtors

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Buying and owning a property is an investment of a lifetime for most people. Potential investors and homebuyers only want to do business with a highly vetted realtor with a stellar reputation. In this digital age, reputation management for real estate agents means establishing and maintaining a positive online presence. Here are all the reasons why it’s essential for realtors to invest in the online reputation management of their businesses. Continue reading…

How Online Reputation Management Impacts your Google Rankings

Organizations that recognize the importance of Google Ranking, SEO, and the traffic they generate, recognize the benefit of optimizing their online reputation management.

While there are a lot of people who believe that ORM or online reputation management and search engine optimization are more or less the same concepts, they’re actually quite different – yet highly integrated.

Online Reputation Management and Its Impact on Google Rankings

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Rankings And Online Reputation Management – Similarities and Differences

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of methods and approaches which allows a website or page to show up higher in the Google rankings and other search resources. Online reputation management is the effort of collectively optimizing a number of different pages that comprise a brand’s web persona for better ranks on Google.

Think of it this way: SEO affects the visibility of a single webpage on search engines. Online reputation management controls a brands entire identity by managing social media platforms, online public relations, and website reviews and feedback to maintain a standardized Google ranking.

While they’re both equally important, online reputation management is far more difficult due to the fact that Google rankings categorize websites according to their customer popularity, quality of services, and trust among their audiences.

Factors Affecting Google Rankings

It’s a well-known fact that Google wants quality content that’s highly relevant to the users of any particular niche. It has in place, strict protocols and algorithms which calculate a brands web presence. Some of the things that search engines such as Google use to do so include:

  • Gauging the content’s uniqueness
  • Rating compelling content and its originality
  • Strong backlinking
  • Website optimization
  • Website structure
  • Mobile site optimization
  • Site speed
  • Use of keywords
  • Location tagging
  • Presentation of relevant and worthy information
  • Audience communications
  • Website and social media ratings, reviews, and customer feedback

How Online Reviews Can Effect Your SEO

This means that a single negative review, among tens of positive reviews, can actually significantly impact your brand’s reputation and its Google ranking.

A client’s testimonial about business performance acts as a personal recommendation to the consumers that research online for a item or service before taking their business to them – and Google takes them very seriously.

The Risks

Any backhanded SEO practices, underhanded management of negative feedback, and the use of spam blogs, cloaking, keyword stuffing, or mismanaged customer services cannot only raise red flags on Google, they risk having your website completely removed from Google rankings.

What You Can Do

Online reputation management strategies allow businesses to ensure that their websites are run in accordance with Googles SEO requirements. Use of healthy SEO techniques through strict online reputation management enables organizations to establish open communication with their potential clients and build trust. This communication helps businesses to gain positive reviews.

Strict monitoring of your web persona or use of software like Reputect, allows businesses to address the grievances of dissatisfied clients well before they leave negative reviews, thus preventing them from damaging your Google rankings beforehand.

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