Easy Online Reputation Management for Dentists

online reputation management for dentists

Today your patients are turning to the internet for information about your dental practice. That’s why online reputation management for dentists is crucial. In the past, they’d ask a neighbor, or give your office a ring on the phone. What are your hours? Who does the office service, age-wise? What procedures does your practice offer?

These and more questions are being uncovered every day, online, about your office. Searches of your business’ name will automatically call up information that will inform your patient and make them return again and again. Or not. Patients will follow up with a review online, perhaps on your website, or your social media links. They might leave news about your practice, in praise or censure, on industry review sites, such as RateMDs.com, Healthgrades.com, or Zocdoc.com.

Like it or not, your dental practice will be affected by these reviews. And so, it benefits you to make what the public sees and reads online the most up-to-date and accurate, and flattering picture of why your practice is so great. Building and protecting your reputation typically takes a lot of time and energy until now thanks to a clever little plugin called Reputation Super Module for Dentists (more about that later).

In this day and age, dentists are turning to technology to help arms themselves to the tooth (if you will) in any way to boost business and protect their good name. Online reputation management for dentists has blossomed into a software niche unto itself. But that’s not the only way to protect your practice.

Tech Improves Online Reputation Management For Dentists

It’s common for dentists to use technology to up their game. They may still publish ads in a local newspaper, but they’ll also post to their own website, and to their own social media sites. A picture of the newest oral surgeon on staff or a notice about a Halloween candy buy-back. And patients have liked your page and signed up for notices so that they feel linked to their dentists’ offices.

Online reputation management for dentists may not seem necessary, but there’s a whole world of talk going on out there about you and your office, only it’s not on your sites. It’s out there—way out there—on the great, big, World Wide Web. A quick search online will yield some interesting results. Your own website is not the only site to surface on page one of search results. One of the many major online review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook and related industry sites will rise to the top of that list. And so, how can you effectively control the message on the web about your business?

Online Reputation Management For Dentists Is Hard Work

Most offices already have practice management software like Dentrix or OpenDental, but that software will only post to your business’ website or social media sites, not to the websites that matter. I’m talking about the major online review sites that will improve local SEO and provide social-proof that your practice needs to survive in today’s competitive environment.

How can you regulate all that’s out there about your dental practice? There is reputation software, but it does not have an ease of use that most offices would require. Your staff is already swamped with multiple tasks and jobs to complete. Learning one more piece of new software is not on their to-do lists. Hours of training to get your staff engaged with using yet another program will not go over well and will take them away from other, more important, work.

Then again, why bother? After all, how much can negative reviews impact your business? It’s reported that negative reviews can drive away 22% of your potential patients. What about good reviews? A good review can increase sales or services within your dental practice by 31%. A cleaning is fine, says the patient, but after reading a good review, that same patient may choose to schedule a teeth whitening service as well. And what of that trusted advice from the neighbor, before the Internet existed? Not needed. An online review can garner as much as trust and weight, so says 84% of the public. That’s an overwhelming vote of confidence in good reviews (and bad reviews!) on the web. Online reputation management for dentists is looking better and better after hearing those statistics.

Finally, A Technological Break Through!

There are some exciting developments. A new dental reputation module that syncs our reputation software with your existing platform. The Reputation Super Module for Dentists is a free plugin for Dentrix or similar software that can auto-post your patients’ 5-star reviews to major review sites. Consider this module as a way to protect your brand, since that’s what your business is. It is a brand that can be molded and framed to express all the good things going on in your dental office. Now there’s a simple solution to automate online reputation management for dentists. The Reputation Super Module requires zero effort (how often can that be said?) and will get up to 20% of your existing patients posting positive reviews on major review sites. This kind of plugin will stop negative reviews and improve your local SEO, as well. Not bad for a plugin that works with your existing practice management software.

Knowing your patient and realizing that they will be online should be treated as an opportunity. Harness their strong and positive feelings about your dental office by promoting your dental practice. There is no shame in that. Online reviews on major sites are merely the latest in how dentists can promote their businesses. Taking control of how your dental practice is appearing online should be part of your overall strategy for marketing your brand for the long term. Your office is most likely heavily overworked with in-house customer service.

Without hiring an outside marketing firm to zoom in on your online presence, consider using a simple plugin to your existing system to control your reputation and promote the good work your dental practice is doing. You’ll want to be a part of those statistics that project patients coming into your practice for dental work, whether it was from online reputation management for dentists or merely the good, old-fashioned word of mouth. Either way, you’re in control and your dental practice will benefit.

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