How to Get More Positive Reviews

Having positive reviews is imperative for any business because this allows you to instill trust in the mind of potential users. However, you do need to perform a multitude of things in order to get the results you want, the main and most simple principle being…. you need to ask in order to get them!


1. Send customers to the sites with the most impact


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With so many review sites out there, it can be hard for your users to find the best ones out there. Obviously Google, Yelp and Facebook are at the top of the list but you should also focus on sending them to the most reputable ones which can be found in the first few search engine positions.

You should try to populate each of these sites with positive reviews, as this will help you create, as well as stabilize a good reputation within your industry!



2. Avoid trying to influence the reviewer

Influencing the person who wants to write a review will on most occasions, lead to a bad review. This is why it’s important to ask the customer to share his honest opinion. Honest feedback is important because it allows you to address the concerns of the customers and any issues that your business might have. It’s important to correct these issues as soon as you can.



3. Use passive reminders to encourage customers to  review


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When asking a customer for a review, it’s a good idea to show logo images of review sites they can go to to give feedback on your service.

The idea is simple, you have to encourage people to leave valuable feedback for your company. Giving them easy access to review sites will ensure that they leave a review.

Use our Google Review Link Generator to send a link in an email request asking for a review.


4. Include review requests in your CRM workflow

Whenever you get in touch with the customer to ask for a review, it’s important to ask them at the end of a discussion with them so you can fully understand how happy they are with your service. Another thing that can help generate positive reviews is sending a post-sale offer, as this will create a better relationship with them. If there are issues that customers have pointed out, then it’s important to solve them as soon as possible in order to create better customer service and generate more positive reviews.

Hopefully these ideas will encourage your customers to start leaving more reviews. If your looking for additional ways to get more reviews, then drop us a line so we can help.

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